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Why a Door Access Control System is the Smartest Way to Keep Your Business Secure!

May 27th, 2022

No matter your line of work, the safety and security of your workplace and employees are essential to your continued operation. much like technology has changed the way we communicate and how we work, it has also revolutionized the security industry.

Door access systems are not new as large corporations have been using the technology for years. However, advances in technology have now made using a door access control system feasible and affordable for even small and medium businesses. What’s more, these modern systems make it possible to incorporate all your security needs through one easy-to-use interface.

Here’s more on why businesses of all sizes from various industries can benefit from a door access security system. But first, a little more information on what a door access system is and how it integrates with your broader business security needs.

What is a Door Access Control System?

A door access control system acts as a gatekeeper to your business. It facilitates entry, and exit, and provides access to specific building areas based on permissions granted by the administrator. With a door access control system, you control who is allowed to enter your business, where they can go, and when they are allowed to be there. For example, daytime shift employees may be permitted to access a warehouse building during daytime hours only and denied entry after hours.

There are three main types of door access control systems; those that require a programable swipe card or fob, those operated with a PIN, and some that require biometrics. The system administrator controls who is given access and where they are allowed to be and permission can be modified or canceled at any time.

What are The Benefits of a Door Access Control System?

1. Safety and Convenience

A door access control system is the best way to keep your business safe from theft, burglary, or fraudulent activity. You not only control who has access to your property and when, but you can monitor their activity.

However, unlike keyed building access, a door control system maintains convenience while promoting safety for all users. A single swipe card of code can provide access to multiple areas, and access can be customized based on a user’s position or seniority. For example, managers may have access to locations within a building that entry-level staff will not.

2. Keep Detailed Record

Manual record logs or sign-in sheets are often used to keep track of employee activity, but these outdated measures make keeping arcuate, detailed records challenging. With a door access control system, you can quickly obtain entry and exit information for a building or area within a building which can prove to be indispensable in the event of accident, theft, or damage.

3. Revoke or Modify Access at Any Time

As an administrator, you can revoke, grant, or modify permissions for a specific user ID at any time. This is beneficial for security reasons and makes granting temporary access much more convenient. For example, you can revoke access from an ex-employee who neglected to return their swipe card or fob or provide temporary access to short-term employees or visitors.

4. Save Money

Your door access system will not only reduce the costs associated with having to provide keys to staff or re-key when keys are lost but the system can be tied into your lighting, heating, and cooling systems as well. Lights and temperature controls can be activated when an employee enters a certain area and turns off automatically when they leave.

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