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Alarm Installation in Vancouver

A complete home security system with 24-hour ULC monitoring protects your family and property not only when you are away but can provide valuable piece of mind while you are at home too.

As an added benefit, most insurance companies in Metro Vancouver and the rest of BC insist on monitored alarms. SuperTech monitoring services provide 24 hour, 365 day monitoring by skilled operators in a remote centre, confirming alarms with sequential, audio or visual verification, and ensures police, key holders or service engineers can be alerted in seconds. False activation’s are filtered out, avoiding the risk of losing police support.

GSM radios are the best defense against today’s communications challenges.

In the event that someone cuts the telephone line, most alarms are rendered useless in that they are no longer capable of sending a signal to indicate that there is an alarm. As a result, when an alarm is triggered at your premise, the authorities will not be notified.

GSM radios are one of a few of the back-up communications options that SuperTech offers to ensure that your alarm can still communicate with our monitoring centre after telephone lines have been cut.